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Travel Assurance Promise™ is a premium membership plan that offers our members world-class air medical transportation and medical repatriation services to their hospital of choice or the hospital in their home state that can best care for them. Our premium membership plans offer peace of mind to individuals, couples, families, corporations, and groups anywhere in the world.

Travel Assurance Promise™ is not travel insurance, but a necessary addition to it. There are no co-pays, no deductibles and no confusing claim forms. This membership is about traveling prepared with a plan that provides you a premium air medical evacuation service.

So whether you are 200 or 10,000 miles from home, your membership will provide more than just a medical flight it offers peace of mind and assurance that world-class care is on its way.

Travel Safe. Travel Prepared. Travel Assured.

How It Works

Before your next vacation or business trip, select a Travel Assurance Promise™ premium membership. If you are hospitalized, need continued care and want to get home, activate your membership with one call to your Travel Assurance Promise™ representative.


Membership enrollment is open to U.S. and Canadian citizens who travel domestically and internationally. The membership is ideal for everyone from the business traveler and vacationer to those working and studying abroad.


Travel Assurance Promise™ members have access to Destination Planners who can customize and coordinate all aspects of travel to make your upcoming trip a memorable experience.


With a Travel Assurance Promise™ premium membership, you have peace of mind knowing our preferred provider utilizes state-of-the-art medically configured jets with safety, comfort and care in mind to bring you home.


What is the difference between Travel Assurance Promise™ and travel insurance? A Travel Assurance Promise™ premium membership covers more than just your luggage. It will provide air medical evacuation to your home hospital of choice or to a hospital in your state that can best care for you.


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Enroll now and have peace of mind knowing a Travel Assurance Promise™ premium membership provides worldwide air medical evacuation and travel assistance benefits available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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